Architectural Signs

We can design and build an almost endless variety of architectural signs: tall free standing pole/pylon signs, lighted / non-lighted aluminum monuments, lighted mutli-tenant directory monuments, lighted acrylic faced monuments

Certified Welder on Staff

Qualified Per A.W.S. 01.1-10
3G & 4G (Vertical & Overhead) Unlimited Thickness

We Make Almost Every Type of Sign

No sign is too small, and they are rarely too large. We can make almost every type of sign including small decals, individual letters, project and real estate signs, lighted signs of all kinds, large architectural signs, neon, and electronic displays.

LED Display -Electronic Message Boards & Digital Displays.

Looking for an LED Display? Penn Street Signs provides a large variety of LED display options for businesses. An LED Display is also known as a Digital Display or LED Sign, Digital Sign, Electronic Display or just a Message Sign. Penn Street Signs will build to suit your needs. Electronic message signs and LED display signs give you the ability to customize your messages and graphics to focus your advertising effectively to your target audience. Since the visual display is always changing, electronic message centers get noticed.

No matter what you call it, an LED Display will allow your business to stand out and be noticed. They attract attention through animation and stunning photo quality graphics that increase the customer awareness of your business location.

The LED Display resolution is determined by the spacing of the actual LEDs. This spacing is called the pitch. The tighter the spacing, the more concentrated the LEDs. The result is a sharper image with higher definition. This is an important consideration when choosing an electronic sign for displaying your messages or images. We can provide you with a free initial consultation about the various message center options, so you can make an informed decision . about what criteria are important to your company's goals.

LED Signs provide an ideal way to create eye-catching messages to inform and motivate your customers. Whether it's introducing a hot new item or simply a great price, it couldn't be easier. Current LED technology makes it easy to manage and program the display to immediately respond to changes in market trends or strategic positioning. Messages can be varied at any time to take advantage of peak traffic periods.

Programming is a snap. You can program a sign from your bedroom as long as you have a laptop and the software.

Ask us about how we can make this technology work for you.

Led Display / Digital Display / Led Signs / Digital Sign / Electronic Display
Full color LED signs are the most attention-getting and versatile signs you can have for your business. You can display photo realistic graphics, run inspiring animations and even display full motion video. If you really want to make an impact for your business, outdoor LED display signs offer superior visual quality and advertising flexibility.

Here are some of the benefits and features of LED digital displays:
  • Capable of displaying up to 16 million colors
  • LED display resolutions currently available include 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm
  • Ask about our Virtual 16mm unit. The computer is programmed to create a virtual 8mm resolution using special pixel sharing technology.
  • Outdoor LED message signs are energy efficient
  • User programmable digital sign graphics, video and text
  • Real-time communication with potential customers
  • LED message signs cost less than other types of major advertising media

Penn Street Signs can help you select the most appropriate LED display for your needs. Call us today for a consultation on Electronic Message Centers! 816-233-1500

Architectural Signs

We can design and build an almost endless variety of architectural signs: tall free standing pole/pylon signs, lighted / non-lighted aluminum monuments, lighted mutli-tenant directory monuments, lighted acrylic faced monuments

Channel letters

Lighted and unlighted signs. Surface mounted or mounted on a raceway. We can fabricate channel letter signs for any situation you need. LED illumination will save you money in energy costs and maintenance vs neon channel letter signs.

Changeable copy signs

Would you like a message on your sign that you can change periodically? Changeable copy faces are perfect for hotels, gas stations, churches, etc. Inexpensive version of the LED display sign.

Digital Printing:

Trade Show Banners & Displays

Without a doubt, the Trade Show has become a huge method to introduce yourself to new clientele! We can design & produce custom graphics to fit most trade show displays. Need to jazz up your existing booth? We can add some excitement with new graphics for you!

Banners & Displays - St Joseph, Mo

Banners & Portable Banner Stands are a great way to spread the word. Whether it's a stand in the Mall to draw people to your store, an in-store promo banner, we can help! We also offer retractable stands you can throw in the car and put up quickly at events. And we do the really big ones too - On the side of your building, across the street, or maybe an outside mesh banner in a high-wind area!

Bumper Stickers


Portable Banner Stands

Banners & Portable Banner Stands are a great way to spread the word. Whether it's a stand in the Mall to draw people to your store, an in-store promo banner, we can help! We also offer retractable stands you can throw in the car and put up quickly at events. And we do the really big ones too - On the side of your building, across the street, or maybe an outside mesh banner in a high-wind area!

Vinyl Wall Mural Graphics – Kansas City, Mo

Street Signs can take you way beyond the look of painted walls. Why waste all that valuable space just hanging a few pictures! - Send a message! Make some impact on your customers by showing off your work... or drive sales with an effective message... or explain your company's unique history. We have permanent products or removable, short-term print medias.

Block & Brick Wall Vinyl Graphics

Yes, that's right, we can now get a graphic to stick on just about anything - even brick & mortar! Stucco doesn't even scare us! This is a great application for parking lot walls, sides of buildings, bar patios, etc!

Graphic Window Treatments

Penn Street Signs is keeping up with the ever-changing realm of window graphics. It's not just dark tint or mirror finish anymore! How about a Japanese rice paper look, etched-look, or 3M's dusted crystal? Or go for a bold graphic on one-way perforated window media.

Counter Wraps – Northwest Missouri

In a retail environment, your customers are going to land at the sales counter. Why not send your message while ringing up the sale - It's a great way to drive additional sales, not to mentioned the improved look of your store!

Durable Vinyl Floor Graphics

Sometimes the best place for your advertising message is on the floor! Don't let those long store aisles go speechless! - Make your message heard and drive sales through effective ads on our special print medias with heavy floor over-laminates! We can also contour cut your product to shape for an eye-catching effect!

Vinyl Point of Sale Graphics - St Joseph, Missouri

Tell them about your weekly or monthly specials! Increase sales of your more profitable items! Point-of-sale signs are the way to do it! Interior or exterior applications.

Restaurant Menus & Promotion

In the concessions business, you can't sell your food & drink without a menu! Of course you could spend thousands at the restaurant supply company... Or you could call Penn Street Signs for a quicker and more affordable solution! That's what many local concert & sports venues do.

Office & Sidewalk Signs

Every business needs a sign at some time. Don't let people just walk past your business - Stop them in their tracks with a sidewalk sign. Or maybe you want to impress the customers who visit your office with a nice wall sign in your reception area... We can help! We stock many different sign systems that can be customized to suit your needs.

Backlit Panels & Flex-Face Signs - Saint Joseph, Missouri

Sometimes your message needs to be up in lights. Penn Street Signs supplies digitally printed, backlit sign panels for arenas and other businesses . If you have a lighted sign box, why not spruce up that plain old lettering with a 4-color, photographic message that gets attention!

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

It's the latest look! A rolling billboard, alive with eye-catching imagery. If you want to get noticed on the road, you need to get wrapped! We have scaled templates for all the popular vehicles. Let our creative Penn Street Signs design team help you invent a truly one-of-a-kind, personalized look for your business!

Durable Vinyl Fleet Vehicle Graphics - Saint Joseph, Missouri

Whether you have 1 van in your fleet or 100, you want to look professional. Your vehicles may even be your most effective form of advertising! Build brand recognition and customer confidence with co

Emergency Vehicle Graphics - Northwest Missouri

Emergency vehicles need to be seen, especially at night. Penn Street Signs offers the latest in retro-reflective technology from 3M. Enjoy the safety and attractive design of our custom police car decal packages fitted to any style of vehicle. We have an entire web site dedicated to them at www.policecardecals.com. We also offer the unmistakable look of 22karat gold leaf for your Fire Department apparatus and staff vehicles. You can get professional branding from Penn Street Signs on all your company vehicles!

Banners & Flags – St Joseph, Missouri

Get your message across with big, bold banners and flags. Penn Street Signs banners and flags provide a powerful way to draw attention to your product, event, business or organization. Whether displayed indoors or out, hanging or in stands, there's no better way to make an impact. Durable, flexible and portable, banners and flags keep working for you—again and again.

Indoor Banners

Attract new customers and grow sales with one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available. Banners are seen, read and acted upon over and over again each day. Whether you want to create product awareness, introduce special pricing, promote an event or draw visitors to your tradeshow and exhibit booth, colorful indoor banners are a sure way to make an impact and generate excitement. With banners from Penn Street Signs®, you can: Order one banner or hundreds for quick, affordable delivery, choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, or we'll create a special size just for you, take advantage of infinite color combinations, distinctive typestyles and full-color digital photographic images, incorporate eye-catching custom logos and graphics for impact, make a big impression with oversized banners and get expert installation services

Custom Flags

Make a statement with colorful flags from Penn Street Signs®. Whether you want a polyester pennant string, a company logo or a grand patriotic flag, we offer a wide variety of flags to meet your needs. Choose from a range of sizes, materials, colors and designs, all made to be durable for use indoors or out. Get flags for a wide variety of uses: Country, state and territorial flags, pennant strings, checkered flags, patriotic fans, printed, horizontal and vertical nylon flags

Political Banners

Whether it’s for a rally or election headquarters, political banners help candidates increase name recognition and promote their campaign. Penn Street Signs® can create political banners in any size or quantity. Our visual communications experts will work with campaign managers to produce a banner that’s both eye-catching and on message.

Durable, flexible and portable, banners are an ideal mobile advertising solution. Vinyl banners stand up to the elements so your outdoor political banner looks sharp up to Election Day. The same banner can hang outside a speech in the morning and promote the candidate at a fundraiser that night. Banner stands allow campaign managers to make any stage press-conference ready in minutes. Whether you’re involved in local, state or national government, talk to your local Penn Street Signs® about your political banner needs.

Banner Accessories – Northwest Missouri

Penn Street Signs offers many accessories for your
banners and flags:
  • Suction Cups - Use light-diffusing suction cups that allow light to pass through the cup for safe interior installations when you hang banners.
  • Rope—Weave twisted polypropylene rope between your banner’s grommet holes for a strong, weather-resistant way to hang banners between poles.
  • Bungee Cords—Hang banners between poles using bungee cords to prevent undue stress on the grommet holes.
  • Banner Track—Hang your banners on engineered tracks to hold them taut and sag-free.
  • Banner Stands—Choose from a range of distinctive banner stands to display your banners. From economy stands to retractable stands with interchangeable graphic cartridges, we have banner stands for every need.

Cutouts and Standees – Kansas City, Missouri

Create visual impact at your next tradeshow or retail event with standees and cutouts. These unique and effective graphics add dimensional interest in vibrant color and can be created in a variety of custom shapes and sizes. Whether you want a freestanding standee or a mounted cutout, these great additions will get your product, service or company noticed every time.

Event and Display Counter Graphics

Add colorful counter graphics to your trade show exhibit or meeting podium for maximum impact. The Penn Street Signs design experts will help you create stunning custom graphics for your counters, podiums and convertible shipping case displays, so you can brand your event space and ensure that your logo or key messages are prominently displayed.

Lighted Cabinet Signs

Lighted Cabinet signs offer a less expensive way to promote your business with a lighted sign: Lighted Cabinets can be wall mounted, pole mounted, base Mounted, single or double sided.
Face material can be flat polycarbonate faces which are almost indestructible compared to the much less durable acrylic faces. We also offer pan faces which are necessary in shallow sign cabinets. These can be included with embossed copy on the faces which provides a raised copy or logo looks.

Menu Boards – Kansas City, Missouri

Capture your customers’ attention while they make purchase decisions, and when they’re ready to act. Powerful point of purchase signs and displays such as traditional or digital menu boards, floor graphics, banners and posters attract interest, encourage message retention and drive sales. Great at motivating additional purchases, point-of-purchase signs can be among your best sign and graphics investments.

Point Of Purchase Posters

Create visual impact at point of sale with colorful digital posters. Great for any industry, Penn Street Signs posters deliver striking product, service and event marketing messages right where customers make their purchase decisions. Mounted, framed or displayed in a stand, posters incorporate logos and colorful digital graphics to capture attention in a low-cost, effective way.

Sandwich Boards

Professional sandwich boards are an excellent way to catch attention on a busy sidewalk. Penn Street Signs framed or molded plastic signs can be changed frequently to highlight special offers and limited-time promotions. Some can even be worn by people to attract even more passerby attention. Custom sandwich boards are an inexpensive way to increase foot traffic to your location.

Site Signs

Easy-to-read text and full-color achitectural signs maximize visibility and effectiveness by allowing future tenants to visualize their future home or office.

We Make Almost Every Type of Sign

No sign is too small, and they are rarely too large. We can make almost every type of sign including small decals, individual letters, project and real estate signs, lighted signs of all kinds, large architectural signs, neon, and electronic displays.

Store Front Signs

Store front signs can consist of a wide variety of sign types: Non-lighted aluminum panels, routed aluminum back lit, non-lighted cabinets, lighted cabinets, channel letters, dimensional letters,

Dimensional Lettering

Our design capabilities for dimensional lettering are almost endless! They can be used either indoors or outdoors and can be installed on nearly any surface. We offer a variety of materials such as: aluminum, expanded PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, wood, high density foam in three varieties of shapes; flat cut out, formed plastic, and injection molded

Logo Design Services

We are one of the most cost-effective sources when it comes to designing your logo or corporate image. Our design staff has years of design experience and training. They are creative and profession and we guarantee your satisfaction. We've been making designs for businesses for many years. We can design your logo in a way that will reflect the image you want your business to represent. From simple single color designs, to complex full color images, we'll work hard to make you look good.

Sign Repair / Maintenance in St Joseph, MO

Penn Street Signs has technicians with the experience to handle your sign repairs and maintenance. From lighted fluorescent signs to neon signs, we have the experience to get your sign illuminated in a timely manner. We know the importance of keeping your sign illuminated. All of our material is major brand and comes with a warranty. If they go out within the warranty period, we will replace it at no cost.

Penn Street Signs has two separate labor rates based on what truck is needed for your sign. For all signs under 60’ our standard Bucket Truck Rate applies. If your sign requires our crane truck (100’ +), our Crane Truck Rate applies. We don’t feel the need to send out a 100’ Crane truck on a sign that is only 30’ tall. Again – honest, reliable service is our promise.

Floor Graphics

Full-color floor graphics are unique forms of advertising that grab attention. Floor graphics are the perfect solution to lead consumers to product promotions and sales, branding gym floors and making events special with branded dance floors.

Did you know that OSHA is now requiring numerous businesses to clearly indicate the paths to the nearest exit? Floor graphics make this easy, yet visually appealing by adding a path of graphics that resembles brick, stone, grass, or flowers. Our Penn Street Signs experts will be more than happy to visit your location and assist you in creating a path that is not only compliant, but striking.

Banner Frames & Stands

Custom full-color banners are easily transported and displayed with our diverse line of banner stands. Ideal for trade show displays, presentations and sales meetings, full-color banners can be used multiple times without damage. Custom banners can be stored in the base of our retractable banner stands after the close of the event or meeting.

Banner stands and frames are lightweight and set-up is a breeze. Sales consultants will stand out from the crowd and close the sale when setting up a full-color custom presentation in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, clients may demand their own custom presentations. Banners are easily swapped out before every presentation, allowing the use of one banner stand for several presentations.

Reception & Office Signage

We can create office and reception area sign solutions that perfectly capture your business’s personality. Reception signs are the first impression of your brand that your customer sees, while your office signage needs to leave the right impression on both customers and employees. We can design the perfect office signs and other visuals that capture the brand and the look you are after and display it proudly to visitors and customers alike. Penn Street Signs specializes in the design and fabrication of many different types of office, reception and lobby signage.

Cast Metal Plaques

Metal cast plaques are the ideal solution for awards, memorials, office signs and architectural signs. Our cast plaques are constructed out of durable brass, aluminum, or bronze, extending the lifetime of outdoor applications. Signs By Tomorrow’s expert installers can assist you in attaching your new cast plaque to virtually any interior or exterior surface, including brick, concrete and drywall.

Our advanced engraving and etching technologies allow clients to add images and custom shapes to their cast plaques. This is especially important for businesses opting to use cast plaques for branded office signs, directory signs and ADA signs.

Cast plaques can be used for several applications. The most common uses for cast plaques include: architectural signage, awards and recognition, building dedications and memorials.

ADA Signs

Regulation-based signage like ADA signage is mandatory for businesses to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA signage is required at all restrooms, emergency exits, parking facilities, entryways and many more areas within any given facility. For business owners, keeping up with compliance standards can be overwhelming. That is where your personal consultant at Penn Street Signs comes into play. We can provide business owners with custom company signs and office signs that are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Promotional Products

Penn Street Signs makes the creation of sales and business promotional items easy by placing your brand and other desired visual message on a wide range of products, including labels and decals, bumper stickers, facility parking permits, pens, mugs, refrigerator magnets, mousepads, name badges, coffee cups and more.

Feather Banners

Do you need promo flags for your retail storefront? Are you looking for an innovative means of advertising at an outdoor event? These promo flags are a great way to advertise a business or institution. Buy these promotional banners, custom printed units and special event displays to promote your logo or marketing message for all to see. Promo flags are suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising- NABCO

Street or Light Pole Banners

Pole Banners, Street Pole Banners, avenue banners, or main street banners; call them what you like we have them. Penn Street Signs St. Joseph, Mo. has you covered for all your pole banner needs.

Brighten up Main Street, your store parking lot, the park or your Business District with colorful, eye catching banners. They can be purely decorative or advertise an event or business. Offer them with sponsorship options to get the community involved!

Perfect for schools, festivals, dealerships, organizations, cities, towns and everywhere in between. Pole Banners can be a great way to get your message across to the masses. We sell everything from the banner to the hardware. Constructing our banners in house gives us the ability to make sure you get what your looking for. We use state of the art digital printers that give our pole banners crystal clear imagery so you can be sure cars and pedestrians see your message. Choose from the most popular pole banner materials. We have vinyl and fabric pole banners..

Wall Decals - Die Cut

We can customize and die cut wall decals for you. Penn Street Signs can create an image or copy or work from a simple jpeg picture. We can make your vision a reality on your wall. For photographic reproduction simply provide us with your digital file, and we will do the rest.

Yard Signs - Political, Real Estate, Business

Our vibrant color selection of custom yard signs will help you catch the eye of every passing motorist. Because our custom yard signs are relatively inexpensive, you can afford to place them on several street corners to easily direct buyers to your property. Penn Street Signs can also fabricate custom metal signs for yards that are more durable than their plastic counterpart and are easy to transport between properties.

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